Health & Welfare

The IUPAT Local 177 Health & Welfare Plan provides life insurance, extended health care, prescription drug and dental benefits to covered members and their eligible dependents. We provide a Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP) through Homewood Health Inc. and our Short-Term Disability Program (STD) provides non-occupational disability benefit coverage for covered members if they become totally disabled.

The IUPAT Local 177 Health & Welfare Plan is administered by the Board of Trustees of the IUPAT Local 177 Welfare Trust Fund. The Board of Trustees consists of 4 Management Trustees and 4 Union Trustees.

Contributions are made to the IUPAT Local 177 Welfare Trust Fund by the Employers who are signatory to a Collective Agreement with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 177.

In order to enrol in the Health & Welfare Plan, you must fully complete the Maximum Benefit Enrolment Application. This form will be provided to you upon your initiation into IUPAT Local 177.

  • Benefit Booklets

    These booklets are for your reference and general information only, and are not the original contract nor do they grant or confer any contractual rights. You will find a brief description of the benefits to which you are entitled, the rules governing eligibility for these benefits and the procedures to follow when making a claim.

    All rights and benefits are determined in accordance with the Plan Document or, where applicable, the Master Policy. The Board of Trustees has full authority to make decisions on issues that arise regarding any portion of the Health & Welfare Plan.

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  • Forms

    Copies of original receipts and completed reimbursement forms should be made and kept for your records. The original receipts and reimbursement forms MUST be forwarded to the address indicated on the claim form for processing.

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  • Publications

    This section contains useful information and tips regarding Health and Wellness for our members and their families.

    To read the publication .pdf files, you will need Acrobat Reader.

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  • Member & Family Assistance Program

    Learn more eligibility for covered members through Homewood Health.

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  • Health & Welfare FAQs

    Check out these commonly asked questions and answers about IUPAT Local 177 Health & Welfare programs.

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