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Painters prepare and apply paints and coatings, wallcoverings, stains and varnishes to interior and exterior surfaces.

Commercial/residential painter duties include:

  • Estimate the quantities needed for surfaces
  • Remove old coatings by stripping the surface with solvents, heat, sanding, wire brushing
  • Prepare the surface by cleaning, filling nail holes and defects, and sand rough spots.
  • Apply primers and undercoats or sizes prior to wall coverings
  • Match colours by using premixed paints or by mixing using tinting colourants.
  • Use brushes, rollers, and spray guns to apply paints and clear coatings.
  • Apply faux finishes
  • Apply wallpaper, commercial vinyl, natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Stain and antique wood products and apply clear finishes

Industrial Coating Applicator duties include:

  • Identify surface conditions in steel and other metal surfaces
  • Prepare surfaces using grinders, hand tools, and sandblasting equipment
  • Apply coatings using spray systems such as electrostatic, plural, conventional and airless.
  • Read and understand data sheet and specifications
  • Use testing equipment to determine surface compatibility, coating thickness, environmental conditions, coating durability
  • Apply intumescent coatings
  • Use coating and preparation guides such as SSPC SP and PA



Glaziers cut and install glass and aluminum systems for commercial, residential and automotive applications.

Some duties of Glaziers include:

  • Read and interpret drawings and specifications to determine the materials required, location of framing and procedures for installation.
  • Measure openings for size and shape, mark and cut glass to fit, secure the glass in place weatherproof joints and assemble and install aluminum frames
  • Install, fabricate and attach architectural metals in commercial and residential buildings
  • Assemble part of pre-fabricated glass units such as revolving doors, display cases, plate glass, shower doors, store fronts, automatic doors, sky lights, sloped glazing, curtain wall, barrel vaults, solariums, and other support structures.
  • Replace safety glass, windows, windshields, and glass in furniture and other products

Glass Workers


Glassworkers work in fabrication shops and are involved in the production, storage and distribution of a variety of glass and architectural metal products.

Some duties of glassworkers include:

  • Cutting of glass as per specifications
  • Production of sealed units
  • Production of sash, and frames for commercial and residential purposes
  • Distribution of finished product
  • Warehousing of products
  • Windshield installation

Floor Layers

Floor Layers

Floor Layers install, repair and replace resilient floor covering materials such as underlay, carpet, vinyl sheet goods and resilient tiles

Some duties of Floor layers include:

  • Inspect and prepare subfloors for covering
  • Determine where to place seams and joints
  • Measure and cut floor coverings
  • Install underlay for carpet
  • Join carpet pieces together
  • Install carpets
  • Stretch carpet and fasten in place using smooth edge or by gluing
  • Install sheet good and resilient tile using adhesive
  • Match and insert pieces into damaged area